8 Ball Pool – The World’s #1 Pool Game Explained

If you love playing the cue sport snooker, the 8 ball pool android mobile game will most likely impress you. It’s a convenient mobile game that takes the fun of the real life cue table to your mobile device.

The 8 ball pool is touted as the world’s number one pool game as it brings the experience of pool to video game. The best part is that you can conveniently play this game on your phone with your other pool-loving friends.

If you are wondering, the 8 ball pool offers players’ lots of options for super-fun time gaming. Some of the options available for mobile gamers include;

Player Tournaments

Here you can choose to either compete in 1-on-1 matches or in a more competitive 8-player tournament.

It’s usually best to practice your cue gaming skills first in the provided practice arena, so you are sure you’re ready to compete and win matches, trophies and more.

Challenge Friends

Got friends who are also big lovers of cue sports? You can connect with your friends on 8-ball and challenge them for a quick game or two to show how good you are both in-person and in-game in your favorite sport.

The best thing is, challenging your friends is pretty easy. You just need to sign in using either your Facebook account or your Miniclip account on the game.

Exclusive Items and Pool Coins

There are also exclusive items up for grab in 8-ball pool. Just enter for a competitive 1-on-1 match beat your opponent and grab staked coins.

These coins can either go towards your next items or help with customizing your table and cue. Or you can stake them in higher ranked matches.


With 8 Ball Pool’s ranking system you can be sure of constant challenges to get your rank heightened. There’s no shortage of matches available and with each win comes unrestricted access to more choice locations and even better players. So, get ready!

Randomized Surprise Boxes

There are randomized surprise boxes that offer cue pieces for more customization. But its common place to get repeated cue pieces, so don’t be surprised if you get surprise boxes which contain cues that are already in your possession.

Just like trading cards, you will get new cards you don’t already own with your first purchased packs. But as your card collection increases, the higher the chances of getting repeated cards with each new pack.

So, if you do happen to get cue pieces which you already own in your surprise boxes, it’s to be expected. The good thing is, if you get a repeated piece, you’ll be getting extra pool coins to compensate you.

Playing 8 Ball Pool

As you might have guessed, to play this pool game, you would need an active internet connection. Players from around the world can only be connected through the internet, so be sure that you have your internet up and running to begin.

You might randomly get a connection lost issue, but it’s typically normal with games that require an internet connection to play. Below is a detailed step to fix this issue if you ever encounter it.

Fixing Connection Issues

If you have temporarily lost connection to your network during a game, it might be a result of poor network coverage resulting in the disconnection from the game servers. Try the steps below to see if you might be able to reconnect.

  1. Test your internet access by connecting to your computer. You can also check your internet connection quality using a ping test checker like https://pingtest.net. A connection below ‘grade A’ means you may experience connection loss during gameplay.

PS: for online gaming, it’s best not to use wireless connections, instead use a wired connection to maintain reliability while gaming in online modes.

  1. Be sure to disconnect any other P2P programs running at the background so as not to affect the quality of your internet.
  2. If you can, restrict other devices (computers, phones and tablets) making use of your home network while playing online to avoid them using up the needed bandwidth for a stable connection to 8 Ball Pool servers.
  3. Be sure that your ISP isn’t restricting or blocking your network access, as this isn’t unusual especially in the evenings. If you feel that this might be happening, you can check again at different times.

What to do about a flagged account

Having an issue with your account? If your account has been banned or flagged here’s what to know.

8 Ball Pool user accounts which are flagged are typically the result of modifications (cheat) caused by third-party tools used for gaining advantage during play.

If you stop using these cheats, you will be allowed to keep playing. However, if you don’t you are likely to get your account permanently banned.


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