Best Drifting Game For Android – FR Legends!

Fr Legends is a racing drifting game where you can customize your car. A mobile game that allows you to fight battles with unique scoring systems based on real-world rules.

In addition to Solo mode, you can fight AI opponents who are really quite talented. Other modes like multiplayer, championship, etc. are on the way just not yet sure when.

Unlike the recently released FR Legends for Android, there are a lot of drifting racing games, but very few that make it the whole focus.

How you do drift involves turning hard and cornering and applying the accelerator pedal or applying the parking brake. As with almost any such game, driving is done by tilting the phone or using the directional arrows on the screen.

Are you ready to become a true drifting legend? Of course you are! The goal is to do perfect drifting and get the highest score possible. Keeping your car on the right drift line, going through small circles to collect more points is not an easy exercise at all.

Get ready for a unique and very intense experience on board from one of the most amazing vehicles in the world! get your wheels, engine and do your best to get to the top of the rankings.

From driving the ultimate FR drift cars (front engine, rear-wheel drive) on one of the world’s most famous circuits, to adapting everything on your car, including the already mentioned engine replacement, etc.

You can buy more money for real money if you wish, but you get the money naturally, which is nice.

This car simulation game was developed by TWIN TURBO TECH CO., LTD for mobile devices.

Download FR Legends and test your talent and let the world judge how you are doing!


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