What’s All the Hype about Among Us?

With Among Us hitting over a hundred million downloads on Google Play Store and the noise generated by the game on social media platforms, what is all the fuss about?

‘Among Us’ is a multiplayer that is compatible with multiple mobile platforms, including Android, iOS, and Windows. Created by InnerSloth, this game provides ample opportunity for friends and family to have fun completing tasks amidst twists through their phones or PC.

In Among Us, players start the game as astronauts, donning Teletubby-like clothing of different colors in a spaceship, heading to an unknown destination. With a space-shifting alien on the loose and inflicting mayhem aboard the ship, crew members are expected to identify the impostor before it strikes again.

Each player is expected to complete tasks, attend emergency meetings in the spaceship’s cafeteria and vote the likely impostor. The impostor pretends to be just another crew member, sabotaging the ship and maiming other players in isolation.

If the impostor can kill off all crew members without being suspected, he wins. However, if the identity of the impostor is confirmed before the death of genuine crew members, then the team wins. Frankly, the fun of the game is mostly dependent on the impostor as the game ends prematurely if he/she is voted out early. 

One thing about Among Us is that you can decide to host a game, join a public game, or get into a private game using the code.

With every game, an impostor is selected randomly by the game, and he/she has to keep up appearances while killing and destroying the ship. The fun of the game is the wrong crew member being voted and kicked out of the spaceship.

The Among Us tasks can be quite interesting, and they are a handful, including fixing depleted oxygen supply, transferring fuel into the spaceship, resolving the light issue, and more.

While the map points you in the right direction, there are many rooms in the spaceship, which makes it tough to complete. You also have to be wary of the impostor who could kill your character while you’re on a task.

It’s great that crew members killed off can still complete tasks to save the spaceship from imminent destruction, so if your character gets killed off quickly, you still get to do something to help the team(though they erred by kicking you out).

However, tasks can be worsened by a rampaging impostor, making it all the more important to identify the impostor early on.

The emergency meeting in the cafeteria offers crew members the opportunity to debate the identity of the impostor. You can lay claims on the character you suspect, but it’s always difficult to convince everyone else that you aren’t the impostor.

Remember that once the impostor is unmasked, the game is over. You might get tempted to keep the bad guy on board for a little longer. But you don’t have to – you can always play again with the same crew members just by clicking the ‘play again’ tab.

It’s hard to ignore Among Us as it’s simple, interesting, and interactive. The mystery of the impostor makes it all the more worthwhile. Also, the game is anything but rigid. You can adjust the voting time to ensure everyone votes on who they think is the impostor. Of course, this and other changes can only be made by the host.

Among Us is enticing like some popular multiplayer games, but it has been released since June 2018, so what got people playing in 2020? Well, Gaming influencers like PewDiePie and Ninja streamed the game on Twitch.

Considering the number of followers most of these gamers have, it’s easy to see how Among Us became a favorite pastime for many. Add US House Of Representative member, Alexandria Ocasio Cortex streaming Among Us with popular Twitch gamers – as part of an attempt to sensitize people to vote – the game became immensely popular.

Another reason why Among Us garnered an impressive number of streams and downloads is the game’s cross-platform compatibility – you can play with friends and family on mobile or PC.

This is something that got multiplayer game titles like Fortnite and Pubg quite popular, so no doubt it helped Among Us reach a similar feat.

The game also owes its incredible popularity to the Twitter community. Those memes of Teletubby-like creatures that spread like wildfire on Twitter created quite a buzz for Among Us.

The low/zero pricing of Among Us also worked in favor of the game. Among Us can be download for free on your Android or iOS device. You will have to deal with the nuisance of ads.

The game has a $5 price tag for PC, which is cheap for a multiplayer that could keep friends, family, and strangers glued to their screen.