Download A New Dimension of Minecraft Earth

There is great news for all Minecraft Earth fans. You can now enjoy the new improvements made available by Mattel’s top-up Minifigures. They are iconic heroes from the power-ups and are better known in the game as Boosty. This is another app of toys and virtual reality.

Minecraft Earth is a brand-new mobile app that uses augmented reality. Created by Minecraft developers, the app allows you to transfer the Minecraft universe to the real world.

When it was announced last year, the mobile-based Minecraft Earth was immediately compared with the ever-popular Pokémon Go because of its remarkable use of its location-based activities and augmented reality.

But gamers soon discovered that it was very different because it did not require them to actually go outside in search of a physical location to participate in its mining and building gameplay.

Mattel has now added another play dimension to Minecraft Earth that even Pokémon Go cannot really boast of, and that is the NFC-enabled figurines. More on this later… 

Through this mobile app, you can create buildings, collaborate with friends, and generally experience thrilling adventures. The app works just as well outside and inside. This means you can create Minecraft-style structures, even in your living room. You can also rediscover the immediate area via the mobile application.

The new top-up Minifigures from Mattel makes the gameplay much more exciting. Figures will provide top-ups or boosts that help players at numerous stages as well as game modes.

Each of these cute figures also comes with built-in NFC chips; all you have to do is scan them using a mobile device, and you will get a top-up. You can collect up to 20 different figures and over 10 different improvements or abilities that you can choose from in the game. You will also get XP for registering the Mini with the game as an additional incentive in order to collect them all or even borrow from friends.

And if you plan to take your Minecraft Earth game outside, you should be glad to know that Mattel is selling a potion-shaped carrying case that easily clips onto your belt.

All these characters come with a game-inspired look and constructed in the characteristic 8-bit Minecraft style. The collection includes figurines of Alex, Creeper, Steve, ducks, and a cow, among others.

To use them, simply open Minecraft Earth and then move to the top-up screen. After you select the top-up Minifigures tab, place the figure on the back of the smartphone. The recharging figure is then activated.

Each of these figurines can be used several times. The only restriction is the 18-hour renewal period, which implies that the figurine can be activated after 18 hours.

When you use 2 figurines with the same gain, the duration doubles automatically. You are permitted to use as much as 5 upgrades at once. Among the available boosts are the following:

  • Additional experience points
  • Reduced creation time
  • Increased health.

What if you are not in the new game but still want to partake of some of that exciting Minecraft toy action? Well, you are in luck: Mattel has announced a lovely bunch of new $3.50 blind box Minis themed to vanilla Minecraft along with larger 3.5-inch figures that tie into the forthcoming Minecraft Dungeons.

In particular, the Redstone Monstrosity is fun because it is scaled in proportion to the toys as it stands more than 6 inches tall. The 3.5-inch figurines come with a $10 price tag, while the monstrosity goes for $25.

Minecraft took the gaming universe by storm and has sold over 175 million copies globally since it was released about 10 years ago. Minecraft Earth is already available in more than 20 countries worldwide and counting. This includes countries such as:

  • Netherlands
  • France
  • Austria
  • Denmark
  • Belgium
  • Japan
  • Norway
  • Switzerland
  • Ireland
  • Luxembourg
  • Spain
  • Finland
  • Portugal
  • Italy, etc.

The availability of Minecraft Earth now makes it possible for you to take your blocky creations right into the real world using augmented reality. Teaming up with your friends in order to build astonishing virtual structures right in your backyard is a breeze!

And yes, Minecraft Earth is free-to-play – i.e., free to download on Android or iOS – but with in-app purchases. There are practically no loot boxes.

Minecraft Earth has to do with collecting items and blocks and then using them to build. Mobs have made their way into Minecraft Earth and can therefore be fought, captured, and also bred. The blocky game can be played on both desktops and mobile devices on VR headsets and consoles.

The primary aim of Minecraft Earth is to transform augmented reality gaming from single-person experiences into a breathing and living virtual world that is shared by everyone.

The concept for Minecraft Earth originated from a fascinating real-world project. In 2012, Mojang – i.e., the studio behind the Minecraft game – set up a charity called ‘Block By Block.’ This charity allowed young individuals living in developing countries to design brand-new areas for their communities using the mobile-based game.


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