The Best Running Game For Android – Sonic Dash

SEGA brought us an amazing running game full of fun and racing!

Race like a Sonic the Hedgehog as you run, jump, throw and spin in stunning 3D resources in this fun endless running game. Walk your way through or under races around various and very challenging obstacles in this fast-paced, endless game!

Relax in this running game, which is full of various obstacles and epic courses, where you will use your super abilities to avoid danger, jump over obstacles and run through the loops at full speed! In addition, you fight against enemies with a destructive guiding attack!

Run at sonic speed with the hedgehog Sonic in his very first endless running game from SEGA! Take advantage of Sonica’s great abilities and run farther and much faster than anyone else! How far can you go with this super fast hedgehog?

Choose whether you want to run for Sonic or as one of his friends including Tails, Shadow and Knuckles! Choose your favorite runner and run an endless running game at super stellar speed.

The free world you are going through is amazingly detailed and looks absolutely famous on your tablet or phone. Why not spend a few hours racing on endless and incredible racing courses in the world of Sonica!

Along the way, you can compete against Sonica the two biggest rivals, Dr. Eggman and the deadly Zazz from Sonic Lost World. Use all speed and agility skills to defeat these villains before it’s too late.

Win, buy or unlock running power-ups to help you run. With the help of shields, starts, ring magnets and score boosters, you will definitely get further.

The more you run and race with Sonic in his first endless runner game, the more rewards you get. Upgrade your score multiplier by completing missions or winning great prizes, including red star rings and other characters such as Knuckles and Shadow, by completing daily challenges and playing the Daily spin.

Explore the amazing world of Sonic the Hedgehog today and fully enjoy this endless free running game.

C. Watson

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